Italy, Rome

4 times in Rome – not enough…

admin / February 3, 2018

My love for Rome started 5 years ago, during my honeymoon. It was a journey full of first times: my first flight with a plane, first steps on the ancient ground, first encounter with deep history and roots of our religion. Since then I came back to Rome three more times. On one side, it was like coming home, but on the other side, each return to Rome was full of new experience. I collected my experience here to provide you useful information, what is necessary to visit on your first trip to Rome, and what will amaze you on…

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Egypt, Luxor

Photo diaries: The Temple of Hatshepsut, Luxor

admin / January 5, 2018

The Temple of Hatshepsut (“The Holy of Holies”) is one of the most beautiful temples in Egypt. It’s perhaps even one of the most  beatiful temples in the world, The temple is built in the 15th century BC. This is probably the most astonishing place to visit near the first historical capital of Egypt – Thebes (Luxor). Hatchepsut’s name means “First Among Noble Women”. Today she is remembered as one of the most successful pharaohs of ancient Egypt. The Temple of Hatshepsut have taken 15 years to complete. The construction of the temple was overseen by Senenmut. He was Hatshepsut’s…

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48 hours in Stockholm. Part 2.

admin / November 21, 2017

The first part of my weekend escape to Sweden’s capital Stockholm is here. Our day 2 started with a visit to Stockholm’s no. 1 museum – Vasa museum. The whole museum is dedicated to Swedish ship, which drowned in the beginning of it’s first journey. Destroyed by a wind gust… The quided tour is essential in this museum, because there are lots of interesting facts and background stories covering the history of building this ship. The ship was built in XVII century, and almost 95 percent of the ship seen today is original. The ship is massive, that id doesn’t…

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