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4 times in Rome – not enough…

My love for Rome started 5 years ago, during my honeymoon. It was a journey full of first times: my first flight with a plane, first steps on the ancient ground, first encounter with deep history and roots of our religion. Since then I came back to Rome three more times. On one side, it was like coming home, but on the other side, each return to Rome was full of new experience.

I collected my experience here to provide you useful information, what is necessary to visit on your first trip to Rome, and what will amaze you on each following return.


What first image appears in your head when you think of Rome….. Coliseum, of course!


This is one of the oldest and well preserved antique monument. Usually this is the first place every tourist visit, and, boy, it’s crowded. Coliseum is a huge roman building, which stands strong till our days. It is also called the Flavian Amphitheatre. Built in 72 AD by emperor Vespasian, it is located in the central area of ancient Rome, near the old Roman forum. Since then the Coliseum was actively used for four centuries, after that it was neglected. Only in 1990 the restoration works of the the Coliseum began.


I don’t have strong opinion about going inside the Coliseum, there are always long lines and there’s almost nothing to see inside. It’s not worth the second visit. You just walk around… on the grounds where gladiators used to fight.

he Colosseum had seating for more than 50,000 spectators, who may have been arranged according to social ranking.

Awnings were unfurled from the top story in order to protect the audience from the hot Roman sun.

Inside the Coliseum

Even if you have a short visit in Rome, it’s not enough to see this building once. You have to come back here when it’s already dark and the area is lit. Also it’s good to come here in the early morning, when the streets are quite empty and the crowds hadn’t filled the grounds yet.

When you are near the Coliseum, you can’t miss the massive Arch of Constantine. This  is the largest Roman triumphal arch, built for the victories of roman emperor Constantine in the 4th century. The high monument built in 315 AD to mark the victories of Constantine.

Arch of Constantine

Palatine Hill and Roman forum

Just a few steps from the Coliseum there’s another place that you have to dedicate a half day to. Palatine Hill and Roman Forum. The area is massive, full of ups and downs, and ruins of imperial palaces of Ancient Rome’s noble people. The area is green, on one side down you can see Roman forum, and on the other side down – Circus Massimus.

Olive trees in the Palatine Hill

Palatine Hill

Speaking of the places in Rome, where you can witness the most beautiful panoramic views, Palatine Hill is one of those places. You can walk on massive retaining walls there, overlooking the whole city.

View from the Palatine Hill

From Palatine Hill you can walk down to The Roman forum. It is the main square surrounded by the ruins of several important ancient government buildings. This place was the center of life in Rome for centuries. One of the most famous monuments in the forum are the remains of the Temple of Saturn.

Roman forum

From the Roman Forum you should go up to another hill – Campidoglio. You’ll find the greatest views of the forum, especially at night, when you go behind the Musei Capitolini to the forum’s side.

Roman forum at night

National Monument to Victor Emmanuel II

There are several places in the area, that is a must-see for the first time visit. First of all National Monument to Victor Emmanuel II, the enormous white building, quite a new building, built in ancient roman style. It was built to honor Victor Emmanuel, the first king of a unified Italy.

National Monument to Victor Emmanuel II at night

Visiting of this monument is completely free, just be respectful as here lies the tomb of the unknown soldier with an eternal flame. There is a lift to the top of the monument for more stunning views. And on the top, you’ll find a cozy café where you can enjoy coffee with a view of the eternal city.

A really nice and slightly different church is attached to the back of the Monument to Victor Emmanuel II – Santa Maria in Aracoeli, which was built in the 12th century. A really old church that has a medieval scent.

Vatican museums and St. Peter’s Basilica

The Vatican City with St. Peter’s Basilica and Vatican Museums will get you occupied for a whole day. Start by visiting the museums from early morning, maybe take a guide, pre-book your tickets for some time saving. The lines are longest ever… It’s possible to spend few hours just standing in the line. So for a few euros extra, book your tickets in advance.

Vatican museums

You’ll find a huge number of works of art and Christian history, collected by previous popes. It’s one of the largest museums in the world, built in 16th century. The most famous works of art are the Sistine Chapel, with its ceiling decorated by Michelangelo and the Stanze di Raffaello decorated by Raphael.




Vatican museums

St. Peter’s Basilica is a must not only the first time you visit Rome, but visit it each time. This gigantic church, with the famous St. Peters square has it’s unique charm, especially during Catholic holidays. I’ve been there during Easter festivities once, and it was an amazing experience of being there with thousands of other people.

Saint Peter’s Basilica

Rome has to offer hundreds of things to do after a whole day spent in the museums. The city is like a museum in the open air. It has to offer a number of free things to see and visit while walking in the narrow streets.


Start with the Pantheon. One of the oldest, perfectly preserved buildings of ancient Rome. Once a Roman temple, Pantheon now is a church. The famous painter Raphael is buried in the building along with the greatest king of Italy Vittorio Emmanuele II. If you are lucky to be there on a rainy day, you’ll witness raindrops dropping down through the hole in the dome.


Inside the Pantheon

Pantheon dome
Rotonda square

Trevi fountain

One more must see just on the streets of Rome is the Trevi fountain. It‘s one of the most famous fountains in the world. The fountain is probably the most crowded place in Rome as it‘s located in quite a narrow street. You have to throw a coin through your left shoulder when visiting the fountain. This is for luck and of course for coming back to Rome.

Trevi fountain

Spanish steps

Rome has a great number of beautiful squares. I‘d recommend a few of them for the first time. Piazza di Spagna is one of the musts in Rome. You‘ll find the famous Spanish steps in this square, climb them up to the beautiful church of Trinita dei Monti. In the center of the square, there is a very romantic fountain „Fountain of the longboat”, it’s the sculpture of the sinking ship.

Spanish square
Spanish steps

Navona square

Another square, which is thought to be one of the most beautiful squares in the world – Piazza Navona. The famous Bernini’s Fountain of the four rivers is in the center of the square. There are two more mountains in this piazza and a beautiful church Saint Agnesse in Agone. All the square is surrounded by restaurants and terraces, which makes it lively during the days and nights.

Navona square
Saint Agnesse in Agone
Navona Square
Fountain of the four rivers
Fountain of Neptune

These are the places you can’t miss when visiting Rome, or if you come back to the eternal city more than one time, I believe these places will still be on your route. Somehow, whenever I just arrive to Rome, firs place I go to is Coliseum… Every time.

At the beginning I planned to fill all the places in Rome in one blog post. Now I see that it would be hard to put everything even in one whole book.  So you’ll find the additional places to see in Rome in my next blog post.

Keep on travelling!

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36 thoughts on “4 times in Rome – not enough…

  1. I was in Rome just last year. I spent a week there, and there are still places that I didn’t get to visit – Novana Square is one of them. Having said that, I did throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain and if the legend is true, I will be back in Rome some time in the future 😉

  2. Rome is high up on my destinations to visit – just for the art, history, culture and those beautiful ruins! I would love to visit the Colosseum, Pantheon and the Trevi Fountain! You’re pictures are wonderful and I love how you have captured the beauty of Rome! Such an amazing post!

  3. I can’t believe I’ve never been to Rome before! This blog post sure makes me want to go as there’s just so much to see. The Colusium looks particularly impressive and I love the history behind it. I’ve never actually seen a picture of the inside before and wonder what all the structures in the ground are as I always imagined it being flat on the floor. Great blog post! I can’t believe how much there is to see!

  4. I love to visit ancient cities and Rome is one of the best. With the impact ancient Rome has had on the world it is wonderful we are able to go back in time when we visit. I also love to admire the architecture across the rooftops and enjoy aperitifs. 😉

  5. I grew up in Italy and I visit Rome at least once a year – I love the city and the sights. The only thing I don’t like about it are the overpriced low quality restaurants in the touristic center of the city. They make Italian cuisine look bad. Try to venture a bit outside the proper tourist centers for lunch or dinner to have a more authentic dining experience.

  6. I especially enjoyed your lovely shots of some of Rome’s squares– really makes you feel as if you’re in the action. I’ve yet to go myself, but will make a point of it on my next trip to Italy.

  7. What a beauty! So awesome you got to experience this amazing place! It’s my dream to see it one day when we visit Italy. I’m sure I’ll be in awe of how massive this place is in real life just as it looks in pictures.

  8. Such an iconic place! Rome was also my first plane, though international plane. It holds so many good memories! Also I agree about going inside the Coliseum, it’s just a bit overrated and definitely not worth doing more than once.

  9. After reading your fabulous post I too want to visit Rome again. I love the history & buildings in Rome and your photos remind me how beautiful Rome is. Thanks for sharing such a detailed & informative post.

  10. Thank you for a great post highlighting the must-sees of Rome. I visited last summer and I think the city is incredibly beautiful, but it’s a shame that it’s super crowded if you want to go to most of these places. It was basically the middle of the high-season while I was there, so of course that is what to expect. 🙂

    1. You’re right, Rome is different out of season. I think the best time to visit still warm, but quite empty city is late October – November.

  11. This was such a pleasure to read! Your description painted pictures and words that really helped me experience these locations!! I really appreciated all the photos to compliment what you described! Thank you! Cheers

  12. My favourite thing in Rome is the St. Peter Basilica. I love to climb right up to the top and enjoy the view over Rome. Although I visited Rome several times now, I feel like there is always something new to see😊

  13. Very well Written. will surely keep ur article handy while visiting Rome — seems like a very very beautiful place. What would you suggest is the best mode of transport in Rome?

    1. Thanx!😊 well, the fastest transport is without doubt the metro. It goes every few minutes. But in the center of Rome, the areas with narrow streets, tge best transport is your feet😊

  14. Oh I have been to Rome for the first time just recently and now want to go again. There is an endless amount of things to see. I wanna go though all small streets and get to know people who hold places there.

  15. Wow! Rome is full of so much history, so many beautiful ruins and buildings…such intricate architecture! I’m so excited to visit this city one day! I don’t know if it’ll feel like I have enough time to do everything though.

    1. Well, Rome wasn’t built in a day as they say😊 I think you have to live a life there to see all of it…😊

  16. Rome is one of our top European cities to visit, alongside with all Italy, we just love the vibes there 😀 Patricia already went there and says that it’s absolutely beautiful, while I currently only dream about wandering on those streets! This summer we are going there on an interrail so it will be awesome! Thanks for sharing your experience 🙂
    Sending good vibes only,

    Patricia & Miguel

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